Where in the world is Tracy Hale?

Tracy Hale

On July 2, 2013 our beloved Tracy lost her long, hard-fought battle with brain cancer. Words cannot accurately describe how incredible of a human being Tracy Hale was, how influential in our lives she has been, and how big of a hole that the absence of her physical presence has left. Tracy lived her life with an uncontainable enthusiasm and zest for adventure (or misadventure, if it made a better story). She loved being outside, traveling to far off destinations, and was happiest when she could share that love with others.

It was that love of sharing the beauty of her creator's world and encouraging people to "explore outside of their bubble" that led Tracy to one of her final requests: To have her ashes made into glass medallions so that her friends and loved ones would explore the world around them, take her along for the ride, and eventually leave her somewhere with a spectacular view.

This website is dedicated to sharing all the places that Tracy gets to travel to and all the wonderful adventures she is still having... with a little help from her friends!

Adventures with Tracy